Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Rotate back to technology stocks, gold, says DBS

DBS is advising investors to rotate back to pandemic-proof assets, particularly technology stocks and gold. The switch to a recovery play in anticipation of vaccine discoveries, it says, is showing signs of “fatigue”.

According to DBS, the technology-heavy Nasdaq Composite Index over US small caps had peaked on Aug 26 last year. The index had subsequently undergone a sharp relative underperformance as global portfolio allocators jumped onto the bandwagon of piling into domestic plays in anticipation of vaccine discovery.

“Covid-19 cases are rising while vaccination among developing countries remains slow. A delay in the return to normalcy for businesses will weigh on global growth,” say Hou and Cheang.

The momentum in positive macro data is also approaching a peak, according to the bank. At 64.7, the US ISM Manufacturing Index is looking “toppish”, it says. In fact, a retracement in the index has historically coincided with a moderation in the rally on S&P 500 Index, it adds.

Thirdly, the US Treasury (UST) bond yields are retracing despite strong macro data. This suggests rising caution on the economic growth assumptions in 2021, says DBS.

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